About Me

Hi! I'm Tiffany and I am so glad you stopped by. I am the one-woman show behind Empty Nest Home Goods! I love pouring over magazines and Pinterest for inspiration, hanging out with my little family, all things crafty, Netflix binges, and feminist rants.

My best memories are of unique birthday parties thrown by my mom- everything handmade, everything imaginative. We picked a thing we were into, and she created it. One year, my favorite thing was just the color yellow. And somehow my mom took that and transformed that simple idea into one of my best childhood parties. 

She passed down the love of DIY and creative details, as well as organizing events. Planning weddings, showers, parties and work events has always been my favorite way to get my creative juices flowing. Seven years ago when I got married, my husband to be and I handmade MOST of our wedding. From invitations, to centerpieces, to bouquets, and more, we dove head first into the waters of DIY weddings on a shoestring budget, and, boy, was it a lot of work! If you want to get to know someone deeply before you marry them- craft together! 

When planning my son's first birthday, I discovered my love of sewing paper and cardstock. From that experience, I knew in what direction I wanted to take my small handmade shop, and really make it grow. 

I want my customers to experience my love of handmade party and home decor through quality items and unique party themes. I would love to work with you to create items in your theme or color, so that you can focus on your special day while I worry about the handmade details! Many of my party & event items can be used again as nursery or photo shoot decor. I am happy to help you with a large event, such as a wedding, or even a smaller one, like a wine and cheese get together with friends. 

Thank you so much for visiting my shop and blog. Stay a while and browse, and keep Empty Nest Home Goods in mind for your event, home decor and photo shoot needs. I hope you find inspiration in my party tips and ideas, as well as encouragement to focus on what's really important when planning an event- making memories!