We Love Our Tribe: A Boho Birthday With Friends

Well, Ben's 3rd birthday has now come and gone, and I will soon share pictures of his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party. (Not my first choice, but he BEGGED. My days of picking his theme went by very quickly.) 

But I never did share all the photos and special touches from his second birthday, so I am going to start there! The boho-tribal theme is so incredibly popular right now, and ours was themed, "We Love Our Tribe." We did a joint party with one of Ben's besties, Maggie (who's mama happens to be my best friend!). It was Mag's 3rd birthday, and their birth dates are one week apart. Fun fact: My husband and Maggie share a birthday, while Ben and Maggie's dad share a birthday. Our friendships run very deep!

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Here's our birthday kids + me and the hubs- we never remember to take enough photos of people, so we are missing our other birthday boy, Uncle Scott! We are always trying to do better with this. Do you remember to take pics, or do you get busy and forget? It's a great reason to hire a photographer for your party if you can get it into your budget! 

Our colors were coral, navy and aqua, and we tried to keep it simple but creative- not overdone. My best tip for kids' parties is to keep it about the kids. Don't worry about everything being perfect, or going over the top. It's nice to have cute themes, but don't forget to have FUN and make it kid- friendly! 

Here is a cheap, convenient tip that looks SO much fancier than it really is: pre-scooping your ice cream! Pre-scoop ice cream into the cups and place on trays back in the freezer until you're ready to serve. You might want to take them out a few minutes prior to distributing so the ice cream isn't too hard and doesn't break your mini spoons! Once I took the ice cream out of the freezer, I added a mini spoon and a cute cupcake topper to give the tray a polished look. SO simple, but you get a look that make you seem like you did a ton of work. 

We got our little cups and spoons at the dollar store, but you can grab them on Amazon, too! {And don't forget to check out our great selection of cupcake toppers in the shop for a finishing touch!}




For food, we kept it really simple and did a bar of chili, biscuits, cornbread, and crackers + toppings. Instead of cake we had cupcakes (Nutella flavored!!!), made by birthday girl Maggie's mama. We topped those with coral, navy, gold and aqua toppers from my shop!

Do you love the banners and cupcake toppers featured here? See what else is in the shop! You can customize your colors on any of our listings.

For favors, I like to have something that parents won't hate me for, like tons of candy or bags of junky toys. I chose homemade playdough, and I scented it with essential oils for some extra soothing play. To package, I simply put it in ziploc bags and then slid the playdough (flattened out a bit) into kraft favor bags , and finished off with a tribal themed sticker from Hobby Lobby. 

One way to make it seemed like you worked harder than you did on your party is to add a few extra touches in unexpected places. Here are a couple of things that I did for our party to make it a little extra special!

I had silverware pre-wrapped in aqua napkins with a little twine tie, placed in a basket. This was cute AND functional! 

A few feather embellishments added to the basket of party favors brought it into the overall theme. 

Tribal themed bandanas from Hobby Lobby lined our bread baskets.

We loved this party for our little tribe and we were so happy that we were able to keep it kid-focused and relaxed while still having a cute, cohesive theme. Have you had a group party? Let me know in the comments! 


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