Tropical Styled Bridal Shoot with Julianna Arendash Photography

This photoshoot was so fun for me for a few reasons. First, while I work with lots of photographers, I never get to be a part of the big day, where products are being put on display and pictures are being taken. It was SO fun to actually get to participate, even though my contribution was really all finished ahead of time. Second, my lovely niece Desiree was also there to model, and that made the day infinitely better.  

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All of these photos are by Julianna Arendash Photography in Cleveland. We did two different overall themes- tropical florals and bright pastels. I made most of the props including the donut banner, the pineapple banner, confetti, and tassel garlands. The whole experience was just so fun, and I can't wait to do more styled shoots! 



I have to admit that this pastel donut set was my favorite! Donuts & Sprinkles is such a great party trend. It works for anything from work gatherings, to baby showers, to wedding, to birthday parties! 

Love the pineapple and donut banners? Click to shop for yours below! Customize your colors to fit the design of your party. 





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