TMNT Party: Ben's 3rd Birthday

This was the first year that Ben chose his birthday theme. My time as the keeper of creative ideas went away very quickly- this little guy has a mind of his own and knew exactly what he wanted. He was talking about it for MONTHS. And since he is three, and has no real sense of time, we had to explain every. single. day. that he had to wait for a while before the party day was finally here. The emotional build up was pretty intense! He loved how everything turned out, and my sweet boy has still been thanking me over and over for his fun Ninja Turtle birthday. 

Now, character theme parties are NOT my favorite. I love unique themes, and coming up with creative ideas from scratch. But, he was not to be persuaded against his idea, so I made the best of it and made as many things as I could, only buying a bit of pre-made TMNT supplies. 

Without further ado, here is our party! 

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My favorite thing was the dessert table, which was a great focal point and featured this awesome, affordable cityscape backdrop from Hobby Lobby. Our cake was from our local favorite bakery, Honeybee, and you can find these adorable Ninja Turtle faces cake plates on Amazon or at your local Walmart. 


Here's a closeup of the plates! There were two of each turtle in the package.

I decided to rely heavily on decorating with the colors of the theme instead of going crazy with the licensed supplies. I made these tissue tassel garlands, circle garlands, a TMNT patterned pennant banner, "Cowabunga" and "Turtle Power" banners, paper fans, and tissue puffs to bring some handmade creativity to the scene. 

Hobby Lobby also carries TMNT scrapbook paper , which I used to make this banner, the cake topper, and the mini cupcake toppers! 

I also made these fun centerpieces, featuring pizza, turtle shells and glitter "3's"! I was SO lucky to plan this party right before Halloween and scored those great plastic rats at Dollar Tree! We placed them in a few spots to add to our "city sewer" feel. 



One of the first things I worked on was this letterboard vignette, where we stacked our party favors. I REALLY wanted to incorporate this trend, and we have this weird spot in our built in book shelves that just begs to be decorated. It's right by the dining room table, so it was the perfect place for a little something extra. This throwback letterboard craze is SUCH a fun way to add to parties and home decor. You can use it for anything from an inspirational quote, menu board, or Happy Birthday message. They are so very versatile and you'll definitely be seeing more of this piece in my future party setups and photo shoots. You can find letterboards at great prices on Amazon and in crafts stores! 

Our party favors consisted of a TMNT plastic cup from Walmart, TMNT travel tissues from Dollar Tree, TMNT stickers, TMNT fruit snacks, and homemade green glitter slime. I REALLY try to steer clear of sending kids home with a bunch of candy, or those small, breakable favor filler toys you'll find in the party aisle! 

We also sent our guests home with foam turtle shells (another INCREDIBLE Dollar Tree Halloween score!), and felt masks made by my mom. 

We served pizza, of course, and I actually chose to go ahead and make it, as we had a few kids coming with food allergies, and wanted to know for sure what was in all the food. Pizza is such a great crowd pleaser and goes really far when serving a group. I made as much as I could ahead of time! I used cake stands to set out the pizzas for a pizzeria look, and used cake boards from the baking section at Hobby Lobby to set the pizzas on the stands. 




For games, we kept it really simple, since the kids were only 2 and 3 years old. We did a safety cone toss with rings (these are cones from the Dollar Tree toy section and pool rings from last summer!), and a beanbag toss where we knocked down tin cans. I made the beanbags with TMNT fabric from Hobby Lobby and rice. 

Then, of course, the toddlers took over and created their own games. We had beautiful weather, so we were happy to let them play for as long as they wanted before cake time!


Time for cake and presents!

Our Ben had a fantastic day, and I am just so glad that everyone had a good time and that he loved his theme. I can't wait to see what he chooses next year!


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  • So phenomenal. It turned out fabulously. Sometimes kids’ ideas aren’t so bad in the long run. :)


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