Summer Lemonade Decor Themes

Summer is here, and lemonade stands are ready- as photo props, party themes, and kids' neighborhood businesses! Lemons and the color yellow are my FAVORITE for party decor, and it's really so versatile. From kid's birthday parties to beautiful and elegant lemon bridal showers, the pop of yellow and the freshness of citrus is the perfect summer theme. Check out these lemonade stand shoots from some great photographers featuring Empty Nest Home Goods' products! 


This lemonade stand photo shoot comes from Lindsey Wildman Photography, featuring our shop's "summer lemons" banner- a best seller during warm months!



Our next lemonade stand set features gorgeous work by Erin at EK Photography, who used these fun custom pink lemonade themed pinwheels! I LOVE how this turned out, and this set was such a beautiful idea. 



And I have to include this beautiful smash cake setup by Lauren at Little Bear Photography! Her work is always so stunning, and this is no exception! 


Here are my recommendations for other great party accessories on Amazon! 
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