A bright and lemony styled dessert table

Tiffany Hargrave

The color yellow is one of my favorite things in life, and particularly lemons. I like lemon flavors, I like looking at lemons, I love lemons as home decor. So of COURSE, I had to have this lemon fabric to make buntings, and add these matching toppers to the shop. My hubs and toddler helped me stage this dessert table- one of them helped out of love for me, and the other was promised a cookie. I will let you decide who's who. 

As summer has faded away, I hope this shoot brightens up your day! I decided to keep the lemon items in the shop year 'round, as I have noticed that "Tutti Fruity" and "Lemonade Stand" are popular themes in parties right now! The lemon bunting is also great for kitchen decor- although I might be biased toward believing that lemon yellow is perfect for every occasion! 

You can find this lemon bunting in the Empty Nest catalog:

Along with the cupcake toppers!

We finished off our shoot by gobbling up the lemon cookies, lemon meringue mini cupcakes, and cold pitchers of lemonade- my family loves when I buy treats just to showcase new items! 

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