A Fast & Simple Advent Calendar

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If you are anything like me, you have great ideas at the last minute, leaving little time to prep. I have good news for you today! This Advent calendar is so quick and easy and inexpensive, you will wonder why you haven't been doing it all along. Ours was such a huge hit with Mr. Ben last year, I saved it to put up again this year. This will last a long time if you aren't too hard on the paper bags. 

Advent calendars were a big part of Christmas tradition for me and my siblings growing up, and I wanted to make sure that I included it in my own family. But unlike our parents before us, Millenial parents have to make it into a whole big thing, rather than just getting the 99 cent candy calendar from Aldi. That's too easy. So I give you a simple, DIY version that is still worthy of my generation's overall Pinterest extra-ness. 

Now, if you have multiple children, this could end up taking quite a bit of space if they each get one. But, you could fill the bags with a few small treats, like a handful of candy and have them share the calendar, too. I'd love to see what you do with yours in the comments below! 

Here's a picture of ours - Ben got really into the ritual of it and asked to do his "number presents" every day! 

Last year I was in a big hurry and I just used tape right over my letters instead of taking the time to glue them down. They look fine that way, but I would definitely recommend taking the extra time and using glue if you want them to look extra cute. Spray glue is my best friend when it comes to fast and easy projects! 

Here's what you'll need: 

+ Paper treat sacks- for this tutorial, I got these Christmas-y ones at Hobby Lobby and they are flatter than the ones we have on our wall. But also cuter. 

+ Twine, plus something to hang it up with on your wall. I chose tacks last year, and washi tape this year (but I may switch to tacks once my bags have treats in them; my washi as already letting me down!) 

+ Mini clothespins (or big ones if you prefer) 

+ Numbers 1-24 cutouts, stickers, stamps, or even a marker will all work. How much work you want to put into this is entirely up to you! You can go crazy and decorate every bag if you feel so inclined. I cut out 3.5" numbers on my Cricut in red glitter cardstock. 

+ Glue, if you chose paper letter cutouts. 

+ Paper sacks

+ Twine

+ Mini clothespins 

+ Clothespins & twine as a set! (score!) 

+ Vinyl number stickers (Pay attention to how many of each number you actually need!)

+ Number stencils 


Get everything from the comfort of your couch? Ok, good. Here's how to assemble it! 

This is super easy, and doesn't take long at all. First, attach your numbers onto your paper bags. Then, cut your twine to fit your space. You could do 3 rows of twine with 8 sacks on each, or 4 rows with 6 bags- you get the idea. We did 3 rows of 8. 

Next, fill your sacks with little treats like candy, stickers, etc. Last year, we did fruit snacks almost every day and a candy treat once a week. Our three year old LOVES fruit snacks and thinks they are a treasure. There is no need to get crazy with the gifts here- a little treat will do. For the 24th, we are adding a Blind Bag, the ultimate treasure. (Thanks, Kids' YouTube.) Or, you can just go ahead and hang these and try to remember to fill each one the day before, which is absolutely how I am doing it. Maybe I will be ahead of it next year. 

Finally, fold the top of each bag, and then clip it to your twine. Easy peasy. 

You can also buy my Christmas garlands, like the ones shown on our setup, to add a little flair to your space! Just click the link below to shop. 

Show me yours in the comments! I would LOVE to hear if this was a quick and easy craft for you, and what your kids thought. ALSO- share your ideas for filling up these little bags! 

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